Sunday Morning


Mark 5:1-20

Why is it that we tolerate sin?  It’s because sin doesn’t matter to us anymore. We are to follow the will of God and do the things he tells us to do. In verses 13-17 they were more alarmed when Jesus was there than when Satan was there. People get more alarmed when others serve and live for Jesus than others living in their sin. Are you offended or ashamed of Christ?  People now days are comfortable living in their sin, and they now consider wordly things to be entertaining. We are to have a clean spirit and be pleasing to God in everything we do. They were unclean and uncivilized. We have a problem with submission, and that is a sin because submission should be in our heart. There is no happiness or joy outside of Jesus Christ. Don’t let a demonic spirit overcome the joy of your life.  Luke 8:27 – Jesus didn’t come to tolerate this man he came to have compassion on him. Jesus has compassion and compassion leads to change. Submit to God and do what he wants you to do.