Pastor Preston Young

Wednesday, June 8,2016

Are you a real Christian? Are you completely sold out to God? Have you given him everything? What does a sold out Christian look like?

1. Sameness – verse 1. There is unity between sold out Christians. Colossians 2:2- knit together. We should be knit together with one another. When he saw God’s hand in his life he was knit together. He had seen God’s power. ┬áDo you see the power of God in your life? There’s no competition between sold out Christians. Work together instead of competing against one another. We should all have the same desires to serve God. What kind of desires are in your heart that keeps you from being knit with God? Keep your attention on the Lord and be committed.

2. Soul Love – Deuteronomy 13:6-11 Consent thou not. Who you hang around with is who you will most likely are. Knit yourself together with the right people that will not stray you away from God but encourage you to get closer to God!

3. Sacrifice – help one another! Covenant~ promises made. Do you have worship in your heart? Are you completely sold out to God? Give everything to him and be a servant and he will use your life!