Sunday night

May 29,2016

Preacher Caleb Waycaster

2 Kings 5:20-27      Gehazi where did you go? Where are you, where did you go? Are you away from God? He had every opportunity, but he didn’t stay with God. Living for God is a choice daily, you have to work at it and develop a relationship with him. God wants us to pay attention. You will never find what you have right now in the church anywhere in the world.

1. He forgot what he seen.

2. He failed his preacher. Verse 25- we will be held responsible for the things we know . When you go away from God you will hurt a lot of people, he didn’t think how it would affect others, he was selfish.

3. He forsook the power. 2 Kings 13:20 what have you been up to? What’s your goals? Where is your life headed?  Nothing in the world can satisfy or fulfill you like Jesus can! The power of God is precious!  Salvation fulfills but getting closer to God fulfills you even more. God will use you if you let him and he wants to use you and Satan also wants to use you so never walk away from God.

4. He forfeited the possibilities. God wants to give you a life that you could never dream of outside of Jesus! Make every decision with God! Don’t leave and stay close to God, it’s worth it!