Sunday morning, May 22,2016

Mark 6:34

Are you as close to the Lord as you could be? The truth is we would all have to say no. We put other things of this world before our God we have put no effort to getting closer to God. Do you have a relationship with God? Fellowship requires work. A relationship with God requires us to learn about him. Interact with God and learn about him and his word and don’t rebel against the teachings.

1. Preaching- the preaching we hear is teaching us about God and his word. There’s always something new to learn about!

2. Persecution- the people of this world will persecute you for living  for Jesus, but just be a light and do what you are supposed to do and one day we will be rewarded for what we have done for him if you done it with a right heart.

3. Presence- we need the presence of God in our life and in our churches and we can do that by staying faithful to him and serving him and doing what we are supposed to do.

4. Provision-  God provides all our needs!

5. Posterity – Our children need to be taught of the Lord.

6. Power – We need the ability of God working in our lives.

He wants to be the center of our lives, he wants to be your friend and your father!

If we miss the person of Christ (the object of His teaching) He will withdraw Himself from us.