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Real Christians

by Alexis

Pastor Preston Young Wednesday, June 8,2016 Are you a real Christian? Are you completely sold out to God? Have you given him everything? What does a sold out Christian look like? 1. Sameness – verse 1. There is unity between sold out Christians. Colossians 2:2- knit together. We should be knit together with one another. […]

Gehazi, where did you go?

by Alexis

Sunday night May 29,2016 Preacher Caleb Waycaster 2 Kings 5:20-27      Gehazi where did you go? Where are you, where did you go? Are you away from God? He had every opportunity, but he didn’t stay with God. Living for God is a choice daily, you have to work at it and develop a […]

The compassion of Jesus to teach the Ignorant

by Alexis

Sunday morning, May 22,2016 Mark 6:34 Are you as close to the Lord as you could be? The truth is we would all have to say no. We put other things of this world before our God we have put no effort to getting closer to God. Do you have a relationship with God? Fellowship […]