Sunday night, May 15,2016

We are to put on Christ as we put on a garment.

Colossians 3:12-17

I. Elements of the garment   (vs. 12-14)

II. Ease of the garment  (vs. 15-16)                                                –

III. Exercise of the garment. (vs. 17)

We are to be: kind, gracious, humble, and meek.  Do you have pride in your heart?  Is there a humbleness of mind when you come to the house of God?  We are nothing without the grace of God.  Meekness- outward show of humility.  Long suffering means to suffer-long or to be patient.  Forbearance- forbearing or forgiving or to put up with.  You cannot be the Christian you are supposed to be without forbearance.  Never hold bitterness in your heart.

Above all these things have charity!  Charity- bonds of perfection or love in action.

There should be a rest in putting on the Lord Jesus.  We should have the peace of God in our heart and unity in body. Get the old man out of the way and let God use your life! Wise people put the knowledge of God in action.  Admonishing- put in mind, warn.

Everything we do and say should be done as a representation of Jesus Christ our Lord.

We see the name of Christ three times in these verses

Verse 13- Christ forgave.

Verse 16- Word of Christ.

Verse 17- Live by the name of Christ.