April 20th, 2016

I Samuel 14:1-14

Oh, that Christians today had discretion.  We saw in Jonathan, the son of King Saul, the discretion that led to a great victory for the children of Israel.  He had four areas that he showed discretion in the steps that he took toward victory.

  1. He demonstrated discretion in his conversation.  Jonathan knew when to keep his mouth shut and just do what was right.  He slipped away from his dad, the high priest, and congregation.  No one was aware of the victory he was personally about to have.   There are times we need to do less talking and more walking.
  2. He showed discretion in his climb.  Jonathan’s planned path had some adverse situations that would cause most to quit, but for him the challenge didn’t make him stop.  The challenge made him get up and go and overcome the adversity.
  3. He had discretion in his companion.  Jonathan chose one man to go with him: his armor bearer.  He was a man that would follow in the little things, follow Jonathan’s Lord, follow Jonathan’s heart (not just his directions), and follow Jonathan’s courage.
  4. He presented discretion in his conflict.  Jonathan’s battle plan was according to a victory that he knew He could win by the hand of the Lord.  It included going forward and upward, and not backward and downward.  He chose a battle plan that left himself in vulnerability but showed forth God’s great ability.

Discretion in your steps causes you to shut your mouth, climb up from your low position, pick up someone to go with you, and put up a fight of faith that only God can win through you.